who we are

Everyone loves a love story. At River Bluff Fellowship we believe the greatest love story the world has ever known is that of God sending His Son to walk among us and to demonstrate His love by dying on the cross. At River Bluff we believe it’s that story of Jesus that changes lives and the world. It’s our desires to help people find their part in that story by connecting with the author, with others who know Him and to find their part in sharing it. You have heard it said that every picture tells a story. We believe every life tells a story. As you consider your life story, we would like to invite you to join us at River Bluff Fellowship. Our church is a place for people to be challenged and encouraged through the study of God’s word, through meeting with others and discovering ways to live out the most significant life story. We welcome you to bring your story and join us this Sunday at River Bluff Fellowship.

our beliefs

River Bluff Fellowship is an evangelical Southern Baptist Church that believes the best way for man to experience life is by walking in a relationship with the God who fully revealed himself in Jesus Christ. We now have a record of the revelation of God through the Holy Spirit inspired Holy Bible. We believe God has commissioned the church to take the message of the Gospel to the uttermost ends of the earth, because there is no other message under heaven or earth, that Jesus Christ died to reconcile man to God, that mankind can be saved.

We believe that Paul, a writer of the New Testament put it well when he said to watch your doctrine closely. We uphold the Nicene Creed and Baptist Faith & Message.

If you are interested in learning more you can click on the links above or email the pastor with specific questions. We hold our doctrine closely to our hearts because we believe that right belief leads to right living, but understand that there are open hand and closed hand issues of faith. We strive to be unified and not divisive. We also know that knowledge puffs up, but love builds up. In light of that we focus on where we agree over where we may disagree.